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Keep your health and your phone close at hand. The HW 22 Pro Max smartwatch is the perfect device to keep you healthy and connected. With its heart rate monitor, caller ID and WhatsApp notification system, this watch has everything you need to stay on top of your game. And if you ever lose your phone, don’t worry – the HW22 Pro smartwatch can help you find it. Stay healthy and in control with the new Series 7 smartwatch.

The strap of this watch is silicone material; light weight yet comfortable to wear all day long. You can exchange any 20mm belt since they’re all removable; choose from colors like red, silver, blue, pink or classic black but you may purchase other types such as metal or leather if needed separately.


The display screen in this HW22 Smartwatch is my favorite type; 1.75 inch IPS with 2.5D curves to show content and details clearly at 320*385 resolution pixels for sharpness in images even when you’re outdoors in sunlight – this type of screen is large enough to take up most of its interface with slim edges which you’d normally only find in higher priced watches! It differs from other low cost smartwatches that come with touch screens situated at the middle portion of its face only.

HW22 Smartwatch has 4 pre-installed faces and can also switch up styles with more available faces through the WearFit Pro app. You can even use your own photos as the background! It’s waterproof with IP67 technology and has HS6621 chips for quick processing and 64MB ROM to store more watch faces. It also records your health metrics with an SC7R30 heart rate monitor and G-sensor 3 axis for tracking movements; Bluetooth 5.2 for calls and is compatible with Android 5.0+/iOS 10.0+ (without GPS sensor). The platform is easy to use, swipe top to bottom for Quick Menu allowing you to change brightness, shutdown, flashlight, Bluetooth, lock screen & check batter percentage.

Notifications are presented in a clear, easy-to-read manner on the HW22 Smartwatch Pro. You can opt for notifications from tons of popular apps, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, WeChat, and more!

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